About Us


Memorita - A project to support Military community

The early journey started when one of the co-founder immigrated from Vietnam to the U.S in 2018. Back there, he was a marketing manager for an international firm in Vietnam and was in charge of several marketing projects for many well-known automotive brand in Vietnam: KIA, Mazda, Peugeot and BMW. In 2018, he decided to move to the U.S with his family. Later that year, he joined the U.S military to support for his family and looked for more opportunities to grow in his second homeland.


An Inspiration Idea Sparked Up

During those years, he was trying to adapt and learn new skills, new language and new culture. At that time, an event happened that changed his life forever. He welcomed his first child into this world and one day, he thought about doing a project that can support military members, their friends and families. Eventually, both co-founders started to create Memorita in 2020 to bring the best clothing & accessories quality products. We strive to design and manufacture in U.S


Official Launch

In 2024, Both co-founders decided to launch our first official store. Unleash your imagination and let your ideas come to life on our premium selection of clothing, from comfy tees to stylish hoodies. Adorn your space with custom-designed home decor, ranging from eye-catching posters to cozy throw pillows. Personalize accessories like phone cases and mugs to make every day uniquely yours.

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Our commitment to community

Memorita is a Veteran-owned business & minority woman-owned which dedicates to treat every customer as a family member. Each order that Memorita successfully delivers to our wonderful customer, we guarantee to give back to Military community and their family. We are proud to provide support to USV-JSV and ACTNOW organization.

United State Volunteers - Joint Service Command

The USV-JSC is an organization focused on augmenting the Regular and Reserve forces in two areas. First, the USV-JSC provides trained and uniformed volunteers who may be called upon to render Military Funeral Honors to deceased veterans at National and local cemeteries. Second, the USV-JSC fills in the gap when and where needed by proper authority in incidents of natural disasters.



Act NOW Education provides guidance and the tools necessary to make your goals a reality, whether it's in career planning, business development, job opportunities, certifications, apprenticeship, or transitioning/retiring from the Military. We will point you in the right direction