10 steps process for quality commitment

Step-by-Step Process for Handling Orders at Memorita

Order Placement:

Customers place an order through the website, email, or phone.

For personalized orders, customers provide specific customization details, such as design preferences, sizes, colors, and any special instructions.

Order Confirmation:

An automated confirmation email is sent to the customer acknowledging the receipt of the order.

For personalized orders, a customer service representative reviews the order details and follows up with the customer to confirm the customization specifications.

Design Preparation:

The design team creates a draft of the personalized order based on the customer's specifications.

The draft is reviewed internally to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements and company standards.

Customer Confirmation:

The draft design is sent to the customer for approval.

The customer reviews the design and provides feedback or approval.

If revisions are needed, the design team makes the necessary adjustments and resends the updated design for approval.

Quality Check - Pre-Production:

Once the design is approved by the customer, a pre-production quality check is performed.

This includes verifying that all design elements, materials, and customization details are accurate and meet quality standards.

Manufacturing Process:

The approved design is sent to the manufacturing team.

During production, regular quality checks are conducted at various stages to ensure the product is being made according to the specifications.

Final Quality Check:

After production is completed, a final quality check is performed.

This includes inspecting the product for any defects, verifying the customization details, and ensuring the overall quality meets the company’s standards.

Packaging and Preparation for Shipment:

The order is carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

For personalized orders, an additional verification is done to ensure the correct items are being shipped to the correct customer.

Shipping Confirmation:

The customer is notified that their order has been shipped, including tracking information.

Any shipping instructions or special delivery requests from the customer are followed.

Post-Delivery Follow-Up:

After the order is delivered, the customer service team follows up with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Any feedback is noted for future improvements, and if there are any issues, the customer service team addresses them promptly.

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